Lesson Plans through April 9

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We are still looking to extend our coverage of coronavirus. Now that we are in mandatory lockdown, many feelings are associated with this. We want to know what students are doing, how they are coping, etc. Gather 5 interviews (and pictures if possible) PER WEEK. Put these into a google doc and upload to google classroom. Classroom codes are listed below.

Talk to seniors, athletes, band members, UIL; people that missed out on things they were preparing for. Find out someone that has learned something new over the break. Maybe they taught themselves a new skill. How many of them have parents that are driving them crazy? Did they have a strict routine? Did their sleep schedule get all out of whack? We are looking for story ideas. Find out something interesting that could perhaps develop further. I still want to produce a Gauger (online if needed) for our seniors and we will need story ideas to fill pages.

Google Classroom codes:

1st period: ojih7fr

2nd period: a2b2snh

3rd period &  5th period: nyoz22a

6th period: z6dbnrd

7th period: vaukxzt

8th period: o6rp533

Coronavirus Coverage

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Interview at least 3 people every day this week. Post your findings, quotes in a google doc and email to me @ [email protected]  BY 9:00 P.M. EACH NIGHT. WE HAVE THIS WEEK TO GET THIS FINISHED.  Find out something interesting.


Here are some ideas:

Tell us what you’re doing throughout the day. What would you normally be doing right now? What are you doing instead? 

Day by day coverage of what it’s like to be quarantined with one person. All day.  All ages.

Look at social media posts. What are people doing? Talking about? Are they stuck babysitting? Are they worried their parents will lose their jobs? How much toilet paper do they have? Did anyone’s family stockpile toilet paper? We need a picture. How much water? Food? 

What about the kids that are only children? They are by themselves all day now (which probably doesn’t even bother them lol) Foreign exchange students? Especially from Italy? How are they dealing with this? Are they worried about their family back home? What’s life like for them?

What are you worried about? Get people talking. They will give you good quotes if you keep questioning them. 

What are you binge watching? What apps have you downloaded? Have you done any puzzles? I’m going to put this on facebook also and see what pictures we can get sent in from parents. 


Weekly Plans Sept 9-12

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*Don’t forget ad sales are due this Friday.

*3 pairs of socks for 100

Monday-continue aperture priority assignment, learn how to read camera info in photoshop

Tuesday-continue photoshop work from yesterday

Wednesday-guest speaker Les Hassell from Longview News Journal

Thursday-work on shutter priority, water assignment

Friday-continue shutter priority

Week of Sept 2-6

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Tuesday-interview and write captions from Shirley Atkins tournament

Wednesday-brainstorm theme and ideas for individual yearbook pages, check up on ad sales

Thursday-continue aperture and shutter priority photo assignments

Friday-continue aperture and shutter priority photo assignments

Saturday-UIL Student Activities Conference at TJC

Weekly Plans August 26-30

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Monday-Review caption writing, find good examples of captions from publications. Proofread Gauger

Tuesday-Take photos using the new techniques learned: Rule of Third, Framing, Repetition, Angle, Fill the Frame, and Leading Lines. (We also looked at Selective Focus, but will practice that after learning camera settings). Select your best 2 photos from each category and rename Rule of Third 1, Rule of Third 2, etc for each category and submit. You will be submitting a total of 12 photos. Submit by attaching the photos here. THEY MUST BE NAMED PROPERLY.

Wednesday-view and discuss Photo PowerPoint techniques

Thursday-Aperture Priority Assignment

Friday-Shutter Priority Assignment